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2021-The year of transformation for Global SMS Outlook

User Guide SMS Solutions April 28, 2021


SMS is a powerful communication tool and there is no second thought about it. SMS enables simple and cost-effective ways of communicating with your customers, but the benefits go far beyond that. The applications of SMS messages are limitless. To get better at this all you need is a basic understanding of the power you can leverage across marketing, sales, and services. 


Texting is a widespread form of communication today. Hence it offers a much more important and much more personal business communication. 


What the market studies have found about SMS communication?


Mobile marketing has become a dominant tool for marketers to connect with customers. It also emerged as a popular and effective digital marketing trend. SMS has a wider reach than any other direct marketing channel. It is also an intimate and immediate communication channel that favours the consumers. The business can send SMS even the customers don’t have internet access.

Here are a few interesting facts about SMS communication which online research says.

1. Open rates: SMS have surprisingly open rates of 98%. As it gets delivered instantly they have been read most of the time. 

2. Biggest markets: China and India are the fastest-growing markets with the highest mobile users of 1081M and 730M respectively. 

3. Text messaging: 23B text messages are sent every day worldwide.

4. Response rates: Text messages have a 209% higher response rate. The number is higher than response rates pf emails. 

5. Users: 65% of the world population which is 5 billion people use mobile phones to send and receive messages. The number is predicted to rise to 5.9B in 2025.

6. Requirement: 53% of consumers say they feel more positive toward a brand that uses mobile messaging to communicate. 

7. Conversion rates: The average SMS Marketing Conversion Rate is 45%.

8. Market growth: The SMS marketing market is expected to grow to $83.03 billion by 2024.


How to leverage SMS marketing statistics?



Businesses and companies should take note of the rising popularity of SMS marketing and its various applications. SMS is proven to be effective in generating conversion and increasing return on investment. As the number of smartphone users has increased and the number is expected to rise. So there is a pool of opportunities for companies to attract new customers through SMS marketing.

Whether you’re giving coupons, product offers, or new services, businesses can add their marketing efforts by leveraging SMS channels to increase their revenues and improve their bottom line.



SMS marketing trends and predictions for various industries:



SMS is the fastest-growing business communication channel in the Global Landscape. From the new generation startup to age-old enterprises, they have adopted SMS communication.


Let’s see the various trends in SMS Marketing:


1. Widespread Adoption of SMS: Due to the Global Pandemic 34% of the business adopted SMS and 77% of them says they’ll continue to send SMS post-COVID.
Since most of the companies going digital, there is a 20% increase in commercial SMS traffic in India.


2. Integrating SMS With Other Channels: A lot of brands have traditionally approached SMS as a single direct marketing channel. They collect phone numbers usually on their website and then send one-off campaigns to these numbers. An omnichannel approach is part of the customer experience strategy in 2021. This broader trend will influence text marketing strategies too.
The easily available APIs are facilitating businesses to integrate SMS into various communication channels.


3. SMS as a Customer Service Channel: SMS as a customer service platform opens up for any possibility. Businesses can send quick updates straight to their phones. The customers can be engaged with interactive 2-way conversation and be there.


4. Automated Text Messages: The brands have surely realized that they can apply their email marketing approach to SMS. They can automate text messages in the form of abandoned cart reminders, last-minute deals, appointment confirmation, account renewals, and bank transaction updates.


5. The Use of SMS as a Brand Marketing Channel: The studies show that SMS is one of the best marketing channels especially for retail marketers. The branding of the company lies in the efforts you put into customer satisfaction and customer retention. You can implement Verified SMS by Google so that you can showcase the company logo, brand name, and description. So always be available for your customers on SMS so that they don’t forget your brand. You can wish them on festivals, birthdays and anniversaries so the customers think that you care for them. You can automate by using APIs. 


6. More SMS Personalization: Personalization is a part of any marketing channel whether it’s an email or SMS. The requirements of each and every customer will be different so the marketing content approach needs to be aligned. So the brands should keep in mind that instead of presenting your product just because you have it doesn’t make sense anymore. The marketer has to make a personalized connection with the customer based on age, country, gender, etc. Send them more valuable offers and news at the right time.


7. Using SMS for Customer Retention: There is a broad trend in the market, “retention is the new conversion”. More business owners and marketers are focusing on keeping the existing customers. That is why they want to spend on loyalty and retention marketing. It is expected to grow 30% in the coming year according to Forbes


SMS as a powerful communication platform:




You must be wondering, why you should have SMS as a business communication channel. Till now we have just discussed that it will be effective and efficient compared to emails. But how?


What can an SMS platform offer?


1. Visibility and tracking: The SMS platform helps in easy tracking of the delivered and non-delivered with the help of delivery receipts. The message tagging feature informs exactly which outbound message corresponds to a given reply. This is important for transactional messaging applications, which enables you to match responses with messages.


2. Flexibility and better integration: An API provides direct access to the components of the service, so you can easily include the features of the provider’s SMS gateway into your systems. For example, you can select how you can send and receive bulk SMS, that is, to a targeted group, through an application, or instantly. Many other features are also available. Your organization can always gain an advantage over-improving technology. On top of it, you will have control over your services and content. Its simple integration into CRM enables smooth data management and operation flow. 


3. Automate the API for better efficiency:  SMS APIs allow for automation of processes for sending and receiving the customer’s SMS messages. Using them can make the operation faster and more productive. It reduces the need for the staff to manage it manually. Automation of tasks using SMS APIs ensures your communications go out as required.


4. Fast and reliable: With the help of the platform we can deliver thousands of text messages within a fraction of a minute to intended recipients. It will ease the customer experience too. 


5. Easy reports and results: The attached links in the messages help to derive the source and make it data-centric. This will help us to track the traffic from different platforms that have got integrated. 


What is MOBtexting’s approach to be the best messaging platform?


MOBtexting is the leading and prime communication platform. We bridge the gap between business and consumers with our Omni Channel Communication approach from 2012. 

It’s no secret that developing relationships with customers takes work. If you want to reach your customers, you can’t wait for them to come to you. You have to be proactive and go where they are. Now you don’t have to go on knocking on the doors of customers and prospects. Because that would be crazy. But we will recommend you the next best thing. That is our messaging platform. 


One stop: MOBtexting provides Transactional, Promotional, Service explicit and Service Implicit SMS services.


Dashboard: We have a single dashboard for SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp Business API. You can see every message sent and track the performance of all your campaigns with the help of our Smartlink feature. 


Unified APIs: Use our SMS APIs to integrate with CRM’s like Zoho, Freshdesk, and many more for smooth operation.


Lookup: You can use our lookup option to check the number of active users in your database. 


Hyperlocal messaging: With our unique Hyperlocal Messaging feature, you can filter the contact based on their Pincode.


MOBtexting is a technology company that focuses on building a communication platform and custom APIs that allow our customers to communicate with their stakeholders seamlessly. The combination of our product & services assists in promoting brands, products & services to acquire customers & communicate to engage better. We chase and set high standards of business responsibilities, collaboratively in what we do. Our approach is an agile-based steady development with aimed incremental app releases, establishing a quality and constant product creation

Contact MOBtexting sales@webrevenant.com or give a call +91 9019 120 120

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