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DLT Registration with PingConnect (Videocon)

DLT User Guide April 6, 2021

What is DLT?


Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) is a Blockchain-based registration system. This Ledger keeps a record of all the transactions made by enterprises or network participants. The telemarketers need to register themselves with operators and users & resellers with operators but through telemarketer.


Why DLT is Mandatory?


TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has taken this step to prevent customers from Unsolicited Commercial Communication. These are the messages that were annoying customers as fraud calls & SMS. So, according to TRAI’s regulation, DLT registration is mandatory to continue further telecom services.

Hence, we have got you the complete guide on DLT registration with PingConnect (Videocon).


Registration with PingConnect (Videocon)


Open the link – https://pingconnect.in/entity/register-with. The below show page would appear.




Please select as shown below:



If you are an Indian/Overseas Company Select the relevant option and proceed as per below:


If you are using this website to register for the first time then at this point, please select “New Entity”. In you have already registered using another website already, then select “Enrol Entity”.  

Regardless of the option chosen, please fill in the details as shown and proceed.



In case of new registration, in the case prompted for the amount to pay, please enter 00 and proceed.


A pop up as shown below will still appear. Don’t worry about it. The process is free of cost. Please click okay and proceed.



Once all the details are updated and the form is submitted, an OTP will be first sent to verify the mobile number you have registered with. Once this is complete, you would receive an acknowledgement as below:



When you receive the email post completion of the registration process to the registered email ID, you will get the below sample email:

Follow the link to verify the email.

Within 24 to 48hrs, the account will be activated.



Videocon’s Header/SenderID Registration Process


All customers can register sender IDs/Headers with the operators for smooth delivery of messages.


1. First, you’ll need to log into the portal https://pingconnect.in/entity/home


2.Once logged in, click Header on the left navigation bar to see the detailed view of all the Headers. Select New header to add a new one.



3. Click Single to create a New Single Header and select the other fields.


4. Click on Header Type  to choose the type of header from the list.




5. Select the Category that best fits your business for which the header will be used for.



6. Provide a name for the header.


7. Click on check status to see the availability of the applied-for Header/SenderID.


8. Select the relevant document for the applied header and request for OTP. Once the OTP is verified, click on Submit.


9. On submission, the header will show up as Pending. This will be reviewed by the Registrar Team and an update will be provided via email or call in case there are any documents missing or discrepancies for the header submitted.


10. Once the header is approved, the status will change from Pending to Approved.


Videocon’s Consent Template Registration Process

Consent Template Registration

Consent Template is created to acquire prior consent from the customer to send commercial communication which is related to Service or Promotion of Product/Services of a Business Entity.


a. Click on the Consent Template on the sidebar to view the details of Consent Templates or to create a New Consent Template.


b. Click on the Add New Consent Template button to create a new Consent Template.



c. To create a New Consent Template, first, type a relevant Consent Template Name as per the Entity business requirement.


d. In the Brand Name column, the data will be auto-filled, and the company name will appear.


e. To create content for the consent template, type the content required in the Message box.


f. Once the content is created. Click on the GET OTP link, One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Authenticate the process by typing that OTP in the OTP column.


g. Press the Submit button to send the request to the Operator for approval. 


Videocon’s Content Template Registration Process


Creating templates for Commercial Communication and as per TRAI guidelines, all the Principle Entities needs to register their Templates before sending Commercial Communication.


a. In the Entity portal on the sidebar click on the Templates option to view the page.


b. On the Template, the page clicks on Add New Template button to create new Templates.




c. Fill an appropriate Template name basis on the business requirement in the Template Name column.


d. In the Communication Type column select the type of communication from the following:



e. In the Content-Type select any of the following options:

Service Explicit
Service Implicit



f. In the Consent, Template ID column select the relevant Consent Template registered on DLT from the drop-down list. Consent Template ID is not mandatory for Transactional and Service Implicit commercial communications.


g. In case the creation of the Consent template does not happen at the time of Template creation then choose the given link to create and register the same.


h. Select any of the Category from the drop-down list in the Content Category column, which is appropriate for the Template creation.


i. Template Type column, will either be TEXT or UNICODE and it will be auto fetched basis on the selection of language for the content. Please note, any language other than English will be considered as Unicode.

In the Content creation section, there are two options available:

Copy/Paste Message
Create New Message (Type)

Select any of the options based on the requirement of content creation. 




j. In the Copy/Paste Message option, copy any message and create the required content for the Template.


k. Option to Create New Message, type the required content.


l. In the Create New Message Box type the required content and to add variables there are options available on the panel.


m. Messages in languages other than English can be created, such templates type will be treated as Unicode. Language can be selected from the drop-down list.




n. Press the Get OTP link to receive the One Time Password on your registered mobile and email id. Once received, type the same in OTP column to authenticate the process.


o. Press Submit button to confirm and send the request for approval by the Operator.


Are you having trouble with DLT registration?

Do not worry just contact us, we are here to assist you and to make the DLT registration process smooth and hassle-free.

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