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How to collect customers Opt-Ins for WhatsApp Business API Solution?

WhatsApp for Business April 6, 2021

WhatsApp Business API has become a hot topic in the CPaaS industry. It has revolutionized the way we communicate. Many messaging apps have been launched since then, but none reached the same success or user reach as WhatsApp. With over 1.8 Billion users around the globe, & 60 billion messages are sent a day.


We’re not surprised that business around the world was looking forward to engaging with customers with a global, user-friendly & rich medium.


With all the advantages, WhatsApp has a few limitations. Businesses can’t send messages to their customers unless they want to receive messages on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp chatbots are customer friendly & effective, so they are a powerful tool for sales & support.


Once you applied for WhatsApp Business API, had your WhatsApp template approved & create the bot, it’s not over. You need to design a WhatsApp Opt-Ins too to receive consent from your customer.


What is WhatsApp Business Opt-Ins?


WhatsApp Business Opt-Ins is a form of consent given by users to receive messages & notifications from your business via WhatsApp. You need to obtain an opt-in before you engage with customers on WhatsApp. The opt-ins can be collected through 3rd party communication channel and not on WhatsApp API itself.


In the process, customer should provide their WhatsApp contact number to receive messages and the process has to be recorded. Opt-Ins are required from both existing and new customers.


What are the best ways to collect WhatsApp Business Opt-Ins?


Existing Channels of communication: Utilizing the channels you already use to talk to the customers is the best way to make them opt into WhatsApp. Companies usually deploy a large variety of channels to engage and interact with their customers. From emails to SMS and everything in between, the larger the company, the more likely they are to use multiple touchpoints. Port customers to WhatsApp by sending them one-time notifications about the easier, better support channel you’ve just launched. If you’re insistent, you could also embed the opt-in form as standard into your communication. Social Media is a great way to get the word out too.


Existing Systems Opt-ins: Think about pitching WhatsApp as an alternative during a customers’ journey through existing system processes. For example, an airline company or a hotel booking platform can prompt an opt-in during the booking process. The company can offer to deliver boarding passes, updates, and notifications straight to WhatsApp. In-the-flow opt-in pitch helps customers in their moments of struggle when they are more likely to opt-in during the purchase process. Thereby increasing your opt-in rate. A simple checkbox with an input feed for numbers is often the most effective tool. Delivery services, logistics, retail, and food delivery companies are the best suited for an “in-system” opt-in. Consider pinning the WhatsApp API to the existing social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.


Third-Party Channel Opt-ins: As a multichannel approach you can use SMS, Email & IVR to promote that you’re active on WhatsApp. SMS is a popular marketing & support channel. Why don’t you consider using SMS to announce that you’re available on WhatsApp? You can attach a link in the SMS to enable them the services. Similarly, for email, you can elaborate on the advantages of WhatsApp as a channel for company-customer communication. You can also embed a form in your weekly newsletter to really make a sale. By using your existing IVR system to direct the callers to WhatsApp. During the process, just ask them to enter their number & provide a specific key on their dial pad to confirm consent.


Website Opt-in: The website is the most valuable digital asset. You can ask both existing and new customers to signup to receive messages on WhatsApp. Home page pop-ups can be used to promote your customer service channel. You can paste banners on popular web pages that will help to grab the attention of the visitors. Landing pages from ads or signups forms, you can redirect customers to your WhatsApp landing page.


In-Store opt-ins: Companies that have retail outlets have a massive advantage over the internet. You can use on-ground opt-ins to inform customers about their reward points.


Contact Us section and updates signup forms: Add WhatsApp as a communication channel in the website contact section where the visitors will be directed to WhatsApp. You can update your existing signup form so that customers can tick the WhatsApp bracket which consents your company to send WhatsApp messages.


Temporary opt-ins to permanent opt-ins: Whenever the customer message your business first, you will have 24 hours as temporary opt-in. You can utilize this time by requesting them to provide consent for permanent opt-in.


Since they are so many elements involved, this process can all be pretty time-consuming. An easy solution would be to partner up with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like MOBtexting and use the platform they’ve created.


When MOBtexting is your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, you can be relieved from the technicalities and headaches that come with creating your own.


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