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How to do prepaid SMS recharge on the MOBtexting portal?

User Guide SMS Solutions April 7, 2021

MOBtexting is revolutionizing the cloud communications landscape for Indian MSMEs. We are helping them undergo a digital transformation as working remotely becomes new normal. Our SMS communication platform is simple and flexible to use. To reconnect with their customers, communicate with their clients, and collaborate with employees SMS is the best possible solution.  


MOBtexting communication products have emerged as a Digital Socializing tool for businesses and individuals. It has made it easier for companies- big and small to embrace SMS services to access technological advantages. Our platform helps to integrate all communications, thereby significantly cutting down the operational cost and maximizing the productivity of employees at all levels in their business. The Omnichannel communication platforms by MOBtexting are helping companies take proactive measures to reduce grievances, increase sales and create a better offering for their customers.


So to ease our client experience and to make our portal a self-servicing platform, now you can easily recharge for SMS. You can top-up your SMS credits on the go.


Follow the steps to do the same:


Step 1: Log in to your MOBtexting portal. Enter username and password.






Step 2: This is how the home page of the MOBtexting portal looks like. Click on the recharge option on the top right.





Step 3: Once you click on Recharge, enter the amount for which you want to recharge.





Step 4: For example, I have entered Rs.10,000 in the amount column. To the right side, you can see the total amount is added with 18% GST. The total payable amount is Rs. 11,800.


Step 5:
Click on Proceed to Payment now. You can make the payment by various payment methods. The convenience fee of Rs. 421.26 will be charged. 




Step 6: You can see the recharged amount on the top right column after payment confirmation.





Step 7: Click on the Add Credits and the following page will appear. Fill in the following details like Select Service, Enter Credits. Based on the number of credits entered and the service selected, the system will automatically calculate the amount to be deducted.




Step 8: Select the type of service from the drop down. 





Step 9: Based on the number of credits entered and the service selected, the system will automatically calculate the amount to be deducted from the wallet.




Step 10: You can start using the services for which you have recharged and the credits will get reflected for the same.


So this is how you can recharge for various services instantly on the MOBtexting customer dashboard.

If you’re having any queries, please contact your respective account managers or call us @ + 91 9019 120 120. 

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