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MOBtexting Launches New Features Enabling Realtime SMS Campaign Tracking in the Main Messaging App

Others May 25, 2020

Creating the right message is the most important thing to ensuring marketing campaign success, similarly tracking the performance of your SMS marketing campaign is vital for better ROI.


MOBtexting has introduced Smart URL and Smart Tracking in its main messaging app to enable deeper insight into your SMS campaigning. The new additions make the app more efficient & powerful for tracking the details of the recipients and measuring the success of the campaign in real-time.


Smart URL & Smart Tracking are amazing features that help to make your SMS campaign much valuable.


Smart URL:


A smart URL is a URL shortener. It converts a regular URL (the web address that starts with http://) into its condensed format. Eg: tx3.in/54V9Gh


Send messages in large volumes and remotely track all the information of your recipients from a single dashboard. It provides real-time performance metrics instantly.




The significant elements of SMART TRACKING are:


1. Mobile: Track the phone number of the recipient who clicks the Smart URL.

2. Click Count: Know the number of clicks on the URL

3. Browser: Know in which browser the message has been opened.

4. Platform: Easily know the operating system of the recipient.

5. IP Address: Track down the accurate IP Address

6. Access Date & Time: Get the date & exact time when your recipient has clicked on the link.

7. Address: Know the address of the recipient based on coordinates (latitude & longitude)


How do Smart URL & Smart Tracking present a deeper insight?


1. Custom Shortened Link:


Easily shorten and optimize your link so that the characters in your long URL will decrease and you can craft your SMS content with the shortened URL. It lessens the characters of the URL so that you can include a long URL in 160 characters of your SMS content.


2. Real-Time Analytics:


Easily track the performance of your campaign with the help of the above elements present in Smart Tracking.


3. Boost Customer Engagement:


It drives your customers to the webpage or app. It increases Click Through Rate and hence boost customers engagement. It drives the success of your SMS campaign.


4. Present In A Better Way:


Through Shorten URL you will be able to present your SMS campaign in a better way to all your recipients.


5. Generate Leads:


Capture responses and generate more leads via Smart URL & Smart Tracking.
If you don’t want the above features to be implemented for your SMS campaign then you can turn it off in the dashboard setting before sending a message.


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