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Google Verified SMS SMS Solutions February 17, 2021

We are all being the customers of one or the other brand or business and will be bombarded with text messages all the time. A simple text message acts as a bridge between customers and brands. The companies will always use promotional or transactional SMS to interact with their customers. It’s been proven that messages have 98% open rates compared to any other means of communication. Sometimes reaching the targeted audience through the right marketing channel is the biggest challenge in 2021.


SMS is the fastest and convenient channel to communicate and is also affordable. The easy availability of data has made a route to so many scams. As phishing crimes keep spreading all over the world, people have developed a distrust for text messages. With the increased awareness the percentage of these scams has reduced drastically. But on the other hand, the companies that only send codes and valid messages are facing repercussions. That’s when Google introduced Verified SMS. In this blog, we tried to answer a few doubts which you might be having in your mind.

What is Google Verified SMS?


Verified SMS by Google is a service that verifies and validates every message and the sender to reduce the fraud risk. Google has been taking smaller steps to strengthen users’ privacy and security. Verified SMS will help us know the true identity of the business sending you the messages. This technology helps us to reduce the percentage of phishing scams to zero.


How do Google Verified SMS works?


In vSMS, each message is verified on a per-message basis but the content is never shared with Google, the communication is secured between Google and Business.


How is data handled with vSMS?


The business which are using vSMS will create a hash (a string of text using a mathematical function) of the message using a combination of keys unique to the business and submit it to Google. When a user receives the message, Google checks to verify the hash for that message and if it exists, the user will see the business name, verified sender badge, and logo.


Is vSMS different from RCS?


Yes, RCS is a telecom carrier initiative that supports rich messaging and other advanced features. vSMS is being run by Google and only works on Google’s Messages app which adds a layer of verification and trust to SMS.


What are the advantages of VSMS?


1. Boosts your company branding with the name and logo

2. Highway for the secured connection between you and your customer

3. Higher chances of increasing your conversion rate

4. Enhanced span detention and real-time reporting


Which countries is it functional in?


Verified SMS is now available only in 9 countries. The United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, France, the Philippines, and India. Although there are only those nine countries.

How to get started?

1. Get in touch with your MOBtexting representative

2. Confirm you have a dedicated sender ID for each country to which you want to send VSMS.

3. Share your brand details.

4. Wait for the service activation

During the onboarding process, there will be no changes regarding your SMS traffic. Your operations (campaign creation and reporting) will not be interrupted in any way. When the process of activation is done, your subscribers will start seeing VSMS on their devices.


Make sure that you are going with a reputed platform to get a verified SMS service. MOBtexting is the platform being trusted by many. It is adhered to make communication simple as well as interactive too. It is dedicated to serving the best service as well as solutions all across the business department such as Marketing, Customer, Sales, Operation & IT, and Support. 


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