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OTP verification over MOBtexting’s Voice Channels

Voice Solutions April 6, 2021

Note: The DLT template scrubbing is only valid to Indian Destination Numbers (Not applicable for ILDO/International Route)


An OTP is a number that is 4 to 8 digits in length which is generated automatically. We use OTP to authenticate and verify a user’s identity before signup or during the transaction in an app/website.


Many users are facing delays in receiving one-time passwords (OTP) through SMS today from banks, e-commerce, and other enterprises due to a new Telecom regulation. There is latency in delivering OTP for debit card transactions and generating 2FA OTP to log into accounts. Due to DLT Template scrubbing, there is a delay in SMS delivery.  To control SMS frauds, a regulation is set-up using blockchain technology.


Because of this temporary issue, why should your customers suffer?


You might be wondering, what can be the alternative solution?


Have you considered delivering OTP via voice call or by asking them to give a missed call to your customer?


What is 2FA?


In simpler words, 2FA is 2 layered security to your online accounts. For 2FA user needs 2 different pieces of information in need to access their online accounts. This helps to address the culpability of a password-only approach.


Two-factor authentication is used to strengthen the security of an online account, a smartphone, or even a door. 2FA does this by requiring two types of information from the user—a password or personal identification number (PIN), a code sent to the user’s smartphone, or a fingerprint—before whatever is being secured can be accessed.


Getting Started with Voice 2FA OTP


Just like SMS OTP, you can use voice calls to verify a mobile number. A call is made to the entered mobile number and plays a sequence of digits. When the customer enters the number in his app/website, he will get verified.


With the help of MOBtexting’s VoIP services, you can expect guaranteed delivery of critical and sensitive information like OTP via our Voice Call OTP Service.


How do Voice OTP works?




Step1: When the user adds a mobile number to your website/app, your server will call MOBtexting verification API to send the OTP number over voice.

Step2: When the customer’s phone rings and when they answer, OTP will be played. The end-user listen to OTP and submit it to your website/app.

Step3: The MOBtexting server will call for an OTP verification check to verify the user.


Missed-call Verification:


Missed-call verification is a quick way to verify a mobile device through a missed call to the user’s phone. The concept is pretty mild.  During the in-app verification, the users should enter their phone numbers. You can verify the user by giving missed to them.


This all occurs through a phone number verification technology that utilizes a missed-call phone verification API. It works by placing a call to the phone through the missed-call phone verification API, intercepting the call, and verifying the phone number with the API before the user has time to even answer the call. It’s a touch-free verification process for the user, only requiring them to enter their phone number during the initial sign-up process–no PIN entry required!


Why you should choose MOBtexting Voice services?


1. Cloud-Powered Solutions: We have built MOBtexting on the cloud. We continuously upgrade our APIs to meet your needs.

2. Out Of The Box Features: We have bundled multiple sets of features to help you manoeuvre with ease.

3. In-Depth Domain Understanding: We have a detailed understanding of all the major industry segments in India.

4. 24/7 Hawk-Eye Support: We are awake when you sleep. Receive extended support at any time of the day.


Reach out to us for more information at sales@webrevenant.com or call us @  +91 9019-120-120


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