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Scale Your Business With Cloud Telephony suite

Voice Solutions July 9, 2020

Cloud telephony suite, often bought as a bundle (toll-free, IVR, call forwarding and more) eliminates the requirement for businesses to buy hardware because they are cloud-based telephony. This means the Cloud telephony suite also offers the advantage of a unified communication plan. This leads to reduced expenditure and increased business efficiency and ultimately delivers a high return on investment for businesses. When customers see that the business is having a toll-free helpline number, their trust in the brand significantly boosts.


When IVR comes bundled with call forwarding features with your cloud telephony suite, it enables the customer calling to switch to the specific department easily. So for example, if your employees are on leave, or are working from home, then the call can be directly forwarded to the employee personal number without actually revealing the change to the caller. This offers safety to employees and builds brand reputation.


Cloud telephony suites are often combined with call recording features. This is useful to track customer feedback, and also perform periodic research and analysis on recurring queries and keywords. This helps managers to carry out performance reviews efficiently and scrutiny, plan training regimens and improve the services offered.


If you buy Cloud telephony suites from MOBtexting for marketing campaigns, you also get a call monitoring dashboard and caller analytics. This is useful to track the success of each campaign. It also helps you to identify areas of improvement. You can also opt for real-time SMS alerts to track every dropped call from the dashboard.


Every company has their own unique call requirements. Cloud telephony suites are highly customizable and can be tailored to specific business requirements. Toll-free numbers are designed to keep business portability in mind.


One of the advantages of Cloud telephony suits is that even if a business changes locations, the number can stay the same. Therefore a business does not need to register multiple new contact details and inform the customers about changed contact details. Cloud telephony is helpful for any company that plans to build a national-level customer base. MOBtexting Cloud telephone provides the uniform point of contact and removes friction between various departments and teams. This leads to less hassle, more uptime, and no rifts in customer satisfaction.


MOBtexting Cloud telephony is inherently scalable. When your business grows and you need to change to greater bandwidth, the only requirement for you is to contact MOBtexting and we will upgrade your plan without the need for migration, You will still continue to use the same infrastructure.


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