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Secure Your Business Communication With Call Masking Solution

Voice Solutions July 27, 2020

The business environment is a highly competitive space. The atrocities of a ruthless business climate are not hidden from anyone. For every business, there is a constant and never-ending struggle to win more customers and retain the old ones. One of the most important key areas that tend to get overlooked is customer support and service.


The best way businesses can win more customers and retail the old is by going out of the way to deliver them enormous amounts of value to the equation. Businesses that are diligent about customer interaction tend to build customer relationships on rock-solid ground. Relationships are built on trust and trust comes when you take care of customer privacy. Call masking is one way to ensure that customer contact details are safe and secure and their true identity will never be revealed. 


Similarly, companies can also safeguard their interest by call masking to hide the real mobile numbers of the employees, vendors and third party suppliers. This way parties at both ends remain anonymous and yet enjoy the service. 


Call masking is an advanced feature that enables connection between two parties on the call without disclosing their personal phone numbers. In a real case scenario when the customer calls the company, the receiver gets the call displaying a masked number. This way the receiver never gets to know the real number of the customer. 


Call masking allows communications between the customer and business executive without revealing their personal numbers. 


Here are some of the benefits of call masking: 


Safety of customer data: When businesses provide customers’ personal phone numbers to their business executive or the third-party vendor, they take security risks. There is no guarantee that the number will not be further shared or misused by the agents.

Business loss: There is always a possibility that the service provider might convince the customer to contact them directly for future services by offering an extra discount. In some cases, this can even be initiated by the customer in the hope to get extra services done at a lesser amount. If you don’t want to lose future orders, call masking can help. 

Customer harassment: There is news all over about customers being harassed by company agents, cab drivers, or even delivery boys.  While no company can prevent this, they can take proactive steps to eliminate chances of such happenings by hiding the customer’s real numbers.

Legal issues: Companies can land into legal issues for not handling customers sensitive information such as contact details properly – if the executive or vendors share or misuse customer call data. Needless to say, this also tarnishes the brand image. These can easily be prevented with a call masking facility. 


How to Get Call Masking solutions for your business?


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