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Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Business API Solution

User Guide WhatsApp for Business February 8, 2021

WhatsApp is a better choice for business communication. If you’re a small business, you must have already used the WhatsApp Business App yourself to respond to the queries. This free app offers plenty of handy features for small businesses. But when you want to scale your company, you may start to find them limiting and will be on the hunt for more advanced features. When you’re in the process of growing, you need a tool to handle your business customers’ inquiries. In this article, you will get an overview of WhatsApp Business API. Before we get into it let’s just understand the difference between WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp Business API.

How is WhatsApp Business API different from WhatsApp Messenger?


What is WhatsApp Messenger?


WhatsApp Messenger is a personal messaging app that we all know well. It is for individual use. This app allows the user to send text messages with multimedia content to all the contacts anywhere in the world. This is how it usually looks like.


What is WhatsApp Business Profile?


This app is similar to WhatsApp Messenger but with few additional features. It’s a free app and is suitable for small businesses. Its additional features include business profiles, labels, and fast replies. The drawback with this app is it can only handle individual conversations and all customer’s queries need to be answered from that single smartphone. Hence you can’t scale the application. 




What is WhatsApp Business API?


Facebook introduced WhatsApp business API in August 2018. This API allows brands to receive and answer unlimited WhatsApp messages from their customers. WhatsApp offers fast, simple, and secure messaging. Through this API, you can send non-promotional messages like payment links and confirmations, e-tickets, appointment reminders, travel itineraries, delivery updates, and provide customer support.


Advantages of business API:


1. You can send programmatic messages to customer queries

2. Permitting third-party software integration

3. You can connect with your customer where they already are

4. Helps to connect globally

5. Eases 2way messaging

6. Your messages are private and secure

WhatsApp Business API Main Messaging Features 


Once you’ve got your WhatsApp Business API created, you’ll begin communicating with your customers.

1. Have agreed to receive WhatsApp messages and notifications from you
2. Sends you a WhatsApp message first


What you need to get started:

1. Registered WhatsApp Business Number

2. Mobile Number

3. WhatsApp Global API Key

With MOBtexting’s one API for WhatsApp Business account, you can support 7 different formats to make your communication more engaging and holistic.


1. Text

2. Documents

3. Audio

4. Images

5. Contacts

6. Location

7. Templates


Accessing WhatsApp Business API:


Gaining access to the WhatsApp Business API could be a method that’s straightforward nevertheless difficult at an equivalent time—depending on the number of resources you’ve got and are willing to dedicate and what route you are taking. Keep in mind that APIs are a collection of functions and procedures that transmit info between completely different applications. On its own, it’s no front-end interface.


It means that a top layer of design is needed so that you can easily sort, interpret, and understand the information that’s being sent and received, which can be very technical. So unless your team is trained to read codes, you will need a dashboard or panel to visually organize the information to comprehend and manage the data. Since they are so many elements involved, this process can all be pretty time-consuming.


An easy solution would be to partner up with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like MOBtexting and use the platform they’ve created. When MOBtexting is your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, you can be relieved from the technicalities and headaches that come with creating your own.


Contact MOBtexting to know about WhatsApp Business API pricing to sales@webrevenant.com or give a call +91 9019 120 120.


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