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Why do businesses need Click-to-Call services?

User Guide Voice Solutions April 20, 2021

Businesses today are focusing on improving customer engagement through innovative technological means. You might have heard about the reasons to add the Click-to-call on the website whenever you speak about a customer-centric approach. Because when call volumes are through the roof, it’s more important for the businesses to be contactable over the phone. Let’s learn about why businesses use click-to-call services. 

So it’s important for your business to have a dedicated business phone number which makes communication easier for the customers. Here is the most simplest and effective way of adding Click to Call. You can implement it to your website landing pages and apps.



What is Click To Call Functionality?


Click-to-call service is an option that is available on online platforms. The companies agent will receive the call when the user clicks on the link or button in real-time. Alternatively, with this communication technology, they can leave their number and will get an instant callback from the company. 


The name itself explains its easiness and smoothness. Organizations can use these services for many purposes. They can use it for placing an order, customer service assistance, to get more details, etc.


How does Click-to-Call work?


How Click to Call API Can Benefit The Company?

Click-to-call functionality has many measured advantages as it will only result in a quality lead as the only interested party will click the button which increases the chances of lead conversion. It will also help in decreasing the bounce rate of the website. Any company having this Click to call website will give better interactions with the customer. Hence it increases customer satisfaction and also saves time for both. Click to call increases the productivity of the agents. Depending upon the agent’s availability, the call gets routed to the available one.



Here are the reasons to add the Click-to-Call button to your website:


Statistics reveal that having a telephonic conversation is important to reinstate the trust in customers during the purchase process. 

Businesses need to invest in these solutions because here are the benefits business can leverage from this feature. 



No leads are missed and better customer engagement: The customers have the option of reaching out to your business at any time of the day and dropping in a callback in case of non-working hours. This ensures that no leads are ignored/missed and every customer concern is addressed thereby providing a hassle-free customer experience.


Better lead quality & customer segmentation: For starters, businesses get the opportunity to speak to a “quality” lead as only people who are truly interested in their product/service will take the effort to click on the button. Additionally, it helps them to categorize customers based on their needs for specialized interaction.


Time saved: This feature aids agents in reaching the customer instantly without the need to dial a number manually every single time.


Impactful data analysis: Businesses can track and analyze the data extracted from the calls, thereby providing them deeper insights about their customers – after all, information is power in today’s day and age. So what you automatically get is a customer base that’s accurate and future-proof.


Prompt customer service & increased conversion rates: Having a Click-to-Call feature helps businesses catch their customer’s attention while their interest is still hot in their product/service. Providing prompt service helps convert customers while they’re still interested and also helps build a long-term customer relationship with the business.



How to set up Click-to-Call?


This can be done in two ways:


  • On your website
  • On your app


Integrating Click to Call to website




If you’re wondering how to create a click-to-call button on your website, it can be installed by integrating our Click to call API. The user then enters their number on the link/widget installed on their website. The company then instantly connects the call to the pre-assigned number. Now the agent and customer are directly connected through the call.


But what’s crucial is to ensure that the button is placed at appropriate “interaction points”. It helps businesses to convert visitors to potential customers. From a logical business point of view, the position of the Click-to-Call feature matters as much as having the feature on the platform in the first place. A clear call-to-action button where the customers are able to see it within 3 seconds also boosts the click-through rate. 



Integrating Click to call on your App



It’s no secret that more and more users are shifting to the “smartphone culture”. Around 47 per cent of mobile users claim that they will shift to other brands if they are unable to find a brand’s contact number quickly.


In such a scenario, this feature comes in handy. If you’re wondering “How do I create a call link on my app”, you can do so by integrating MOBtexting’s Click to Call API in your app. Users can place voice calls on your app from their mobile phones without having to switch between apps to make the call. This helps users to engage within the app itself. So, if you’re looking to add a new dimension of smartphone marketing into the mix, Click-to-Call can be your best bet.




If you’re still wondering why you need Click-to-call for your business, call us at 9019 120 120.

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