How to Write Professional Text Messages Customers Will Love?

User Guide SMS Solutions August 30, 2021

Business Text Messages аrе nоt оnlу uѕеd tо remind parking meters оr tо announce severe weather. Leading companies uѕе text for two-way communication wіth customers. At a coffee shop іn Denver, customers саn рlасе thеіr оrdеrѕ аnd pay via SMS. Also, a major university іn thе Midwest іѕ using text messaging tо collect data frоm… Read More »

By Ujjwal Vashisth | August 30, 2021

FAQ’s- SMS Consent Template Registration

DLT User Guide July 7, 2021

As per the terms of TRAI’s TCCCPR 2018, all Principal Entities are required to declare and register the consents of their customers on the DLT portal of Telecom Service Provider (TSP).  Register the consent templates on the DLT System before 15th July 2021. Customers Consent data can be uploaded in the Telecom Service Provider(TSP) system… Read More »

By Ujjwal Vashisth | July 7, 2021

Scale Your Business With Cloud Telephony suite

Voice Solutions July 9, 2020

Cloud telephony suite, often bought as a bundle (toll-free, IVR, call forwarding and more) eliminates the requirement for businesses to buy hardware because they are cloud-based telephony. This means the Cloud telephony suite also offers the advantage of a unified communication plan. This leads to reduced expenditure and increased business efficiency and ultimately delivers a… Read More »

By Ujjwal Vashisth | July 9, 2020

Cloud Telephony Brings Business Transformation While Delivering Cost Benefits

Voice Solutions July 4, 2020

Scores of businesses are moving to cloud technologies in a bid to garner various cost advantages. But cost saving is not the only benefit.  Cloud telephony means there is no CAPEX upfront because the cloud service provider pays for the hardware, software, rent, electricity, salaries etc. Cloud Telephony users are not burdened with these overhead… Read More »

By Ujjwal Vashisth | July 4, 2020

Why Your SMS Marketing Campaign Failed? Understand To Avoid

SMS Solutions April 26, 2019

If we want to list down some amazing ways or tools for marketing, then an SMS marketing campaign will be listed among the top ones as it’s a direct-to-action strategy where all users are easily equipped with mobile phones across the globe in today’s scenario. If used correctly and smartly, it can yield good profit… Read More »

By Ujjwal Vashisth | April 26, 2019