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Missed Call Service to Establish Low Cost-Effective 2-Way Communication Channel

Voice Solutions June 11, 2020

Missed call service from MOBtexting allows you to open an easy, yet cost-effective 2-way communication channel with your potential customers via a simple missed call.  MOBtexting also provides an intuitive platform from which you can flexibly manage inbound missed calls. You can do this either by setting up automated replies or by forwarding them to your sales team. The customer data can also be exported to your contact lists or CRM system from the MOBtexting dashboard. Interestingly, you can perform all these actions from the MOBtexting dashboard without any technical expertise.


Whether you are looking to expand your contact database or simply provide information, MOBtexting products have the answer. 


Businesses that promote their brand with a miss call number experience higher chances of being perceived as a professional and established brand. When you use MOBtexting missed call service for business marketing, you have a higher chance of generating good marketing ROI. For more than a decade, miss call numbers have been used by companies but now there is a widespread adoption among SMBs as well.


Miss call number offers companies an easier and better mode of customer communication and that too in a cost-efficient manner. Many businesses have adopted missed call services in order to upgrade customer communication at reasonable pricing.


Indian consumers are price-conscious. Here people are reluctant to even spend on call charges. Missed call numbers allow businesses to capture customer leads without letting the customers feel the pinch of cost. IT allows customers to reach companies free of cost just by giving a missed call.


Generally, it is seen that missed call numbers are highly popular for marketing campaigns. Especially in scenarios wherein a very short duration huge numbers of calls are expected for example Radio ads, Newspaper ads and more. For example, you can organise quick polls and surveys and engaging contests without any added cost to the caller. This allows businesses to receive a large number of missed calls concurrently to prevent any customer response from missing out. Your customers can simply request a callback by giving a missed call.


MOBtexting dashboard for missed call numbers keeps a record of customers and prospects numbers organised in one place. They can also be customized to place them into relevant inboxes based on the missed call number.


MOBtexting inbox gives companies the ability to perform actions upon receipt of a message such as forwarding them to relevant email addresses or CRM applications. MOBtexting dashboard comes packed with features to help businesses manage and automate their data.


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